FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

We hope this clears up a lot of the questions. We want to be as transparent as possible as to where your money is going and what we are doing , so if you have any questions about how we are running the events please do ask us, and we'll make sure you have an honest answer.


What kind of people come to the events?

We have Bears, Cubs, Chubs, Otters, Pups and Chasers from all over the UK, Europe, and even the World attend our events. We have people from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, Italy and further afield. Their ages range from 18 to 70+. As a whole, the community is friendly and welcoming, so don’t be shy. Say hello and make a lot of new friends.

Why do you let non-event goers in to the club nights after 2am?

We don't. It is the club's decision. Unfortunately, from 2am onwards, once many are all danced out and beginning to move on to the After Parties, the bar makes more money by allowing non-event attendees in to the venue than they make from us. To keep the venue exclusively for ManBears we would have to pay a very large fee, which would increase the ticket prices higher than we would be comfortable with charging. Therefore, once we hit 2am we cannot keep the doors closed to the public. (The time can vary depending on the venue).

When and where is Registration?

Registration happens throughout the weekend and different times and places within the Gay Village. We use the Eagle, Rem and the Bear Market. We publish the times on our website in the schedule, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter before and during the event, and via a Growlr shout out each day. So please check any of these places for the information before messaging us directly.

You can pick up your Weekend Registration Packs at Registration as well as purchase tickets individually for each event. Club nights are discounted if bought at Registration but you can pay full price on the door.

Can I pay on the door?

Yes, for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Bear Bash only) you can pay full price on the door.

Why should I register?

Whilst you can go to registration and buy a Weekend Registration Pack or tickets for individual events (club nights, pool party, buffet, sauna), registering for the event beforehand guarantees you a ticket. Some of our events can reach capacity so it is not guaranteed a ticket will be available. Also, the Weekend Registration pack has the tickets for the club nights at a much cheaper price than if they were bought individually, or if you pay for entry on the door. There are also many free goodies that come as part of the Weekend Registration Pack.


What is included in the Weekend Registration Pack?

For Bear Bash the Weekend Registration Pack includes a wristband that grants entry to the Friday, Saturday and Sunday club nights and discounts at various bars and stores within the Gay Village, a free t-shirt, a drinks voucher for The Rem, a free burger or hot dog at the Bear Market, the Bear Bash pin, and other goodies that could be a pen, key ring, or fridge magnet.

For Pre-HiBEARnation the Weekend Registration Pack includes tickets for both the Friday and Saturday club nights, a drinks voucher for the Rem, and other goodies that could be a pen, keyring, or fridge magnet.

Sometimes we will add even more extras, such as a raffle ticket to each pack giving you the chance to win tickets to the next event. So a registration pack really is worth buying!

What offers and discounts are there with a Weekend Registration pack?

The offers may change for each event but currently, RexAlpha, The Goose, Eva, Oscars, Via, and Clone Zone have generously offered discounts to those attending the event. We will post the list of discounts and offers on our website, and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts.

What does the cost of the ticket price go towards?

The cost of the Weekend Registration Pack or tickets for the individual events pay for:

  • the cost of hiring the venues,

  • the cost of hosting the Bear Market in Sackville Gardens during Bear Bash - insurances and permits

  • the BBQ provided by New York New York at the Bear Market,

  • decoration of the venues (lights, netting, neon paint etc.),

  • printing costs for posters, advertising and tickets,

  • prizes for the Raffle, bingo, pub quiz etc.,

  • towards the cost of Manbears entering the Manchester Pride Parade (and sometimes other parades).

As we're a non-profit group any profit made goes to funding events and our chosen charities.


What happens if I have purchased tickets but can no longer attend?

Tickets and registration packs are non-refundable. However, you can transfer the tickets to other people. Please contact us if you intend on doing this so we can update your ticket info.  

Which charity do you support?

Currently, we are supporting Mind, the Mental Health charity, which provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We chose this charity as many members of the LGBT community require Mental Health support at some point in their lives, at a higher rate than the rest of the population, and we felt that supporting them was a great way to help the community.

Is there a dress code?

For our club nights there is no dress code. However, if you pay on the door at Big Scrum at Bear Bash there is a discount if you are in Sports Kit. Also, for the Saturday club night you can dress up for the theme of the weekend to have some extra fun.

Why don’t you work with all these other club nights and events that are happening over the weekend?

We try and work with other nights and events whenever possible. We have had a partnership with The Big Scrum for a number of years. In the last couple of years we have included other nights such as DILF, Brawn and Dandy in our social media advertising. In the case of Dandy we offered free entry.

It also depends on what you mean by working with them. We are happy to share promotion with these nights. However, if by working with them you mean you are wanting to have free entry using your Manbears ticket then it becomes too costly. Free entry in to another event with your Manbears ticket is possible because that event organiser then charges us your entry fee, which is often more than 50% of our ticket price. If we work with too many then we could end up losing money on an event. We are a non-profit but we do still need to make money so we can put on the next event without greatly increasing ticket prices.