• Manbears Manchester

A Brave New Manchester

Welcome to a new look, a new start, and braving the new world post COVID-19.

We ARE having a PrehiBEARnation this year. November the 12th to 14th and we've man

aged to make a full programme of both live and virtual events. We made a commitment to keep the virtaul side of manbears alive. We saw over the pandemic there was a reach that events had never had before. People in our community who are disabled or housebound for whatever reason, where finally able to be involved. This was an eye opener, and we decided as a group that we would keep a virtual element to this event. Check out the packed time table below. Manbears is only having one funded night by us, and we're bringing back NEON FUR! The ever popular night with the room flood by UV and blue light gives you one of the best dance party experiences post COVID!

Other events are all pay on door to make it easier for an administration point of view as we just don't know how many would be around yet. We can't wait to see you in November. Check out the time table below!

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