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Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Today we release our Prehibearnation package. Lower price than last year, and with more freebies and discounts. We've got two NEW nights - to get you into the mood, and bring the bears together.

Let's break it down

PreHiBEARnation is after two other big Bear Events. The tail end of the year sees BearScots, Midsbears, Prehibearnation, and Southern Hibearnation, all happen within eight weeks of each other.

We push this event as something more local, more intimate. Something you can get close to, a great social time of year, and also a cheap weekend in Manchester. The lower price reflects that. We haven't got big clubs to pay for, we haven't got a bank holiday crowd, and we're not in working with the Big Scrum for the Friday.

So we boiled it down, went for how much do we HONESTLY need here. We want to be as transparent as possible moving forward, so the best way to do this is be open to you all in blog postings. PreHiBEARnation helps towards funding the Great British Bear Bash and the run up to it. Promo, advertising, getting stuff together. The committee give their time for free because we are passionate about the Bear scene in Manchester. Hell, I've (Andrew) worked on it for ten years in one capacity or another.

We want to provide you with the best possible experience for PreHiBEARnation and

Bear Bash, with some of the committee dipping into their own pockets to make this possible for you guys! We want to give you all we can, but unfortunately that takes time and money. So bear with us, (I say this a lot but it's true) we've got lots of ideas and lots of things we want to make happen.

The Prehibearnation Weekend!

We're so excited about this. The Furry Balls and Neon Fur are concepts that have come DIRECTLY from the guys that have attended Bear Bash and PreHiBEARnation in the past. We use the basement of BarPop, as it's a venue that suits the size of the event that PreHiBEARnation currently is. We will also have the chill out VIP bar upstairs. But that's just the Friday and Saturday night... PreHiBEARnation is about so much more than that.

We're currently talking to a few pools to find a best fit for the pool party.

They'll be an opening quiz night to get your brain cells going and give away some prizes.

We're looking at more FREE events for the weekend - so you can come and meet the bears in a fun setting and have fun.

We're working for you. We are listening to your feedback. If there is something you want from us, or something you want to organise and would like us to help promote, then get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

The Manbears Team

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