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Going Virtual!

15 months into the pandemic and yes the end is in sight. BUT we still have to be careful. As such Bear Bash for 2021 is completely virtual. While we accept there will be people going out under the rule of six and socialising, there is a LARGE demographic of the community where this just isn't possible. One thing the pandemic has shown, is how there is a lot of people who have never had access to these kinds of events before are NOW being cat

ered for. It's something that has certainly opened my eyes to the wider commmunity and understanding of their needs. Manbears - at its core - has an ethos of helping as many people as we are able to access the community and the people you want. And virtually we can continue to do this. We are not saying good bye to in person events - but also once these events start again we are not dimissing the virtual either. There is a place and a need for both in this current world. The pandemic has shown and given MANY disabled people a way to connect that wasn't there before. Why? Cos simply put, we didn't know it was needed. Now that we have seen the global online community - Manbears is commited to help support those people close and further from home. This Bear Bash will be completely virtual, however, going forward we will endevaour to keep virtual events going; supporting other virtual events that are on; and if you want to make an event please let us know and see how we can support you in that. I hope we get to see some of you online and around in the near future - both in person and online, and we thank the community for their continuing support in our efforts to create a trule diverse and inclusive community.

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