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Keep Pawing on!

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

We're getting ready. PrehiBEARnation is coming soon.

We're currently sorting the wonderfully boring stuff you have to do when you organise events. You know, the money, the bookings, the getting art ready. So keep checking back for regular updates.

We really want to keep you more informed about what we are doing, so the blog is the perfect way to do this. One of our first tasks as a new committee was to rewrite the Manbears Manchester Constitution. What is that? I hear you cry! Well, simply put, it outlines what we the management committee promise to do for you the punters and public that attend our events. It gives us a clear structure and outline of how we want to run things and make things as inclusive for bears, and all other categories that fall under that banner.

It also give us transparency. We want you to know what we're doing, when, how, and the processes involved. It's not an easy task, by any means, but the rewards and the fun you all have at the events make it worth it.

Not only all that, we also want to say a BIG HUGE THANKS to those that have come before us. To that end, we've made a full history of Manbears and the GBBB, including text and history from those that were behind the wheels then. Manbears is community lead and driven, and we want that to be a focus on our events and planning.

With that, I best get on. You know more researching, looking for things, and our team is getting stuff together ready to launch soon.. (psst, beginning of August!)

Watch this space... I'm excited.. Are you?

The Manbears Team

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