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News on COVID and Manbears

Manbears Manchester’s priority is the safety and well being of our community. Be that physical or mental health.

With that in mind, The Great British Bear Bash 23: Studio Fifty Paw will be postponed to 2022. Taking into account current trends and forecasts we hope to be able to run the event April 28th 2022 to May 3rd 2022 – over the first bank holiday in May.

This decision has not come easy to us. We know you are looking forward to getting back together and partying till the early hours. Any event must be as safe as possible, and in light of the current numbers and the projections for the roll out of the vaccine we can not in good conscience hold an event for over 400 people in 2021.

COVID is still a real threat and we have all been affected by it in some way. Bars and clubs will have to adjust to a new normal, and new rules are likely for bars and clubs to operate going forward. In light of this, we are pushing Bear Bash back.

What does this mean for you?

If you bought a pack and tickets, want a refund, or are happy to carry over your tickets we are needing everyone to fill in the following form.

You will have three options open to you.

1) A refund - this refund will be the amount of the tickets minus the paypal fee. The PayPal fee is something we can not claim back after 180 days after the transaction. For example, for a pack of £25 a Paypal fee of £1 is applied. Therefore your refund would be £24.

2.) To donate your pack price or percentage to Manbears for running costs and investments in the futures projects. This will give you a priority access when it comes to reopening bear bash tickets for 2022.

3.) Carry your pack over.

Any money transfers that need to take place - please allow upto 14 days from filling in the form.

We have also decided to keep Prehibearnation 2021 a predominantly virtual as well. We want to make sure the events are as safe as possible, and bring us all back together when it is the right time to do so, the vaccine has been fully rolled out, and assessments of effectiveness have been carried out.

Over the year Manbears Manchester will be expanding its online activities to help with keeping in touch with the wide community. We are now supporting the Bear Social and Quiz that is running fortnightly and will be open to any other events and ideas you have. We have a zoom account that is able to accommodate large numbers so if you would like to host a zoom event please get in touch.

You can access all our virtual events via our Facebook and other pages

We WILL be returning in 2022

We look forward to seeing you at one of our online events in the near future and in person soon. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and if you need support contact us or one of the amazing charities out there.

The Manbears Committee Aaron, Andrew, Mike, Richard, Steve

Manbears Manchester is a non profit community group run by a management committee – we need your support to maintain ongoing costs while we are not running the events. (Online hosting, bank accounts, charges and subscriptions) If you would like to donate to us please use

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